3. Graduates need intercultural competences

Company Posters
Posters from employees at two Danish international companies (poster from Danfoss and poster from Lego) with their personal viewpoints on the importance of graduate intercultural competences and a poster from Orifam with the company’s statement.

These posters were developed by Donna-Marie Jørgensen as a contribution to the student workshops on intercultural competences at Kolding in 2017. The posters were displayed during the workshop and the students were encouraged to read them and reflect on how they are developing their intercultural competences.


  • Alicia (11 minutes) and Anders (10 minutes) - Engineering Graduates and Project Managers
    Alicia is Colombian and Anders is Danish, both have an engineering education and now work as project managers for Danish international companies. In these videos, Alicia and Anders say how they had not anticipated the importance of intercultural competences when they were studying and their significance in their professional and personal lives.
  • Hao and Simon (11 minutes)
    Hao is Chinese and Simon is Danish. Hao has an engineering education and now works as a project manager for a Danish international company and Simon has an IT project management education and works for a Danish company. Both have lived, studied and worked in China and Denmark. In these videos, Hao and Simon talk about the importance of intercultural competences in their professional and personal lives in China and Denmark.

    These videos were used to set the scene for intercultural competences workshops for teachers. We sent links to the videos a week before a workshop and asked participants to reflect on the significance of intercultural competences for graduates and how their courses/programmes currently support students’ development of these competences.

Danfoss Presentation by Jacob Kildegaard Eskildsen
Employer Branding Specialist, Talent Acquisition
Danfoss A/S, Nordborgvej 81, DK-6430 Nordborg. E-mail: jkde@danfoss.com
Mobile: +45 5168 2142 www.danfoss.com

Jacob attended a student workshop at Kolding and provided an introduction to Danfoss and its wide range of job opportunities. He included a presentation on the importance of intercultural competences and encouraged students to profile how they have developed their competences when applying for internships and positions.